Multi-Cryptocurrency Management
ViaWallet is committed to creating a multi-cryptocurrency wallet. In the future, ViaWallet is capable enough, for managing all of your assets.
Currently, we have supported 52 mainnet assets, and over 1 million tokens. Meanwhile, our R&D team keeps working on new coins to maintain a monthly release schedule. Please follow us to get the latest updates.
If you are fans of certain coins, share with us and we will add them to ViaWallet.
ViaWallet Supports
Effortless Management of 52 Mainnet Assets and 1M+ Tokens
Wallet Management & Asset Transfer Made Easy
Easy to Use Multi-chain Wallet
Manage multi-chain assets easily with one set of mnemonic phrases
Quick Transfer with Biometric Recognition
Transfer safely by fingerprint and facial recognition
Multi-chain Domain Name Services
Manage addresses and transfer with ENS & DAS multi-chain domains