About ViaWallet
Released in May 2019, ViaWallet is committed to providing multi-cryptocurrency wallet service. In the future, ViaWallet will be equipped to manage all your digital assets.
ViaWallet offers a wide range of services including Multi-wallet Management, Staking, DApp Explorer, Cross-chain Swap and TX Accelerator. With ViaWallet, you can enjoy one-stop digital asset management solutions at any time.
100K+ Users
$ 1B+ Transaction Value
100+ Countries/Regions
7*24 Asset Safeguard
Via Wallet, To the Future Finance
ViaWallet hopes to be the gateway to the blockchain world, linking users across the globe to future finance via our wallet.
Currently, ViaWallet offers secure and reliable crypto asset management services to over 100,000 users from 100+ countries and regions around the world.
Industry Professionalism ViaWallet core team members are from world-leading internet and finance companies, boasting rich experience in Cryptocurrency industry and enormous technology strengths.
Security & Stability Top end technology combined with multiple security measures to safeguard your assets 24/7
A Crypto Wallet with Multi-chain Support With 52 mainnet assets and 1M+ tokens supported, ViaWallet guarantees one-stop management of multi cryptocurrencies and multiple wallets.