Multi-chain & Multi-cryptocurrency Wallet
Users' self-control for private key to manage assets
Multi-wallet assets, one-stop management
Multiple protective measures to ensure assets security
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Rich variety of cryptocurrencies, all in ViaWallet.
More than coins like BTC and ETH issued by public chains, and over 1 million tokens based on them are supported.
Break the barriers to multi-wallet management
Manage multi-chain assets by one wallet
ViaWallet Can Help
Staking service covers mainstream public chains
Enjoy profits through one-click staking
Resist against inflation to realize assets preservation and appreciation
DApp Browser
DApps based on major public chains like Ethereum available
All are well-selected by ViaWallet
Via Wallet, Linking You To The Future Finance
Decentralized Exchange
Built-in CoinEx DEX module
High transaction performance, low transaction fees
Auto market making, fast & efficient matching
Convenient Exchange
Crypto-crypto and fiat currency exchange available
Credit cards for cryptocurrency trading supported
Instant transactions without placing orders